Why I Created Better Mind

Updated: Jun 8

Why I Created Better Mind

I have been interested in creating a supplement for myself for many years but especially after using plants to fix my high blood pressure.

My blood pressure was becoming a serious problem and I needed a solution. The doctor was going to prescribe some unhealthy pills with multiple side effects if I did not get my blood pressure under control. Don’t get me wrong I believe some medicines are a blessing but, however, in this case, I needed to find something that was not going to harm me as much as those pills would have.

As soon as I left the doctor’s office, I called my younger brother who has knowledge in natural remedies. His suggestion, given without hesitation, was to take cayenne in pill form. Within weeks, my blood pressure was significantly reduced, and I did not have the nasty side effects that come with man-made products.

This got me to thinking: what other health benefits am I not taking advantage of from natural alternatives? Specifically, I wanted something that I could easily add to my daily routine that would help me improve my energy and my focus. I didn’t want some man-made product loaded with sugars, creams, and things I simply don’t need. Those man-made products sometimes hurt my heart, make my energy crash, give me brain fog, or just make me feel worse than I did before taking the product. So, again, I started researching and looking for natural alternatives.

The Search for Natural Alternatives

Did you know that the blue in blueberry is the only natural blue of its kind in the world? This was a key moment in my life of supplements. That blue, called anthocyanin, has benefits for diabetes, cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular and more.

At this point I’ve already seen the effects of a natural supplement, cayenne, in my own life. Now I’m learning that blueberries have powerful benefits only found in blueberries. What can other plants do?

In my research I learned that every plant, no matter how similar to another plant, will produce some type of different effect. If the plants produced the exact same effects they would have the same look, taste, feel, and color. If they produced the same effect, they would be the same plant. This drove me to find the natural supplements that I could put together that would improve my health, energy, focus and life.

The Energy of Cacao

Starting out I wanted something that was a natural energy plant. I had read in several blogs and medical journals that natural caffeine and synthetic are “nearly” or “almost” the same. But “nearly” or “almost” is not the same.

I had experience with synthetic and it hurt. I felt tired, far more tired, after using synthetic and felt my brain fog come back with a vengeance. I wanted a natural plant to support me.

Natural caffeine absorbs slower, lasts longer, and is often supported by many other benefits.

On the other end Synthetic, (created in 1942 by the Nazis to give their solders a boost), absorbs quickly, has no additional benefits, crashes easily, and is many times easier to produce, which is why it is so readily available.

In my search for a natural alternative, I became very interested in cacao. Cacao not only has naturally beneficial caffeine, but it also has theobromine, an alkaloid only found in cacao, which also supports energy, widens the blood vessels, helps in urination, and has a longer energy life in the body than caffeine alone. Add to the energy cacao also holds over 320 types of various antioxidants, magnesium, polyphenols, and an assortment of vitamins (Foodtolive Team, 2022) and you realize the benefits are huge.

The Amazing Focus, Mind and Health Benefits

Once I had found a plant that would increasingly support my energy, without the added problems I had before, I wanted to find plants that supported my focus, memory, and mind.

Mushrooms were an easy plant, well, not technically a plant but an organism, that are very well known for their many benefits to the body, brain, focus and energy. Since my teenage years every time I ate mushrooms, I thought of a comment someone made to me, (I don’t remember who), that common table mushrooms had ingredients in them that I could not get from any other plant. This, turns out, is true.

Though there about 14,000 types of mushrooms I wanted mushrooms that my kids could eat, were able to be added to a salad and had large benefits that maybe I was not getting every day. When looking for mushrooms I learned that the largest percentage of mushroom supplements I had previously taken had “rice flour” or other grain flours as an “additional ingredient”.

Listed by weight, rice flour showed up first in the additional ingredients list almost every time I looked at a mushroom supplement. The reason being many growers will grow the mushrooms on grains. Grain is very cheap. However, when a mushroom is usually grown on grains it will not grow full size; it stays at the root (called mycelium) phase and will often have decreased benefits, one being that the mushroom oftentimes cannot be fully s

eparated from the grains. I knew that I had to find full mushrooms without grain fillers to get the benefits I wanted.

After reviewing hundreds of mushrooms, I found Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Cordyceps. These three amazingly healthy mushrooms may share the names of some of the same ingredients such as Beta Glucans or polysaccharides but the Beta Glucans and polysaccharides in each mushroom are not exactly the same, or they would be the same mushroom. Vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, manganese, cordycepin, triterpenes, hericenones, erinacines and many more ingredients are found in the three beneficial mushrooms.

The three mushrooms I chose support a very long list of benefits in my body such as focus, memory, feelings of well-being, heart health, brain function and much more. I even read a study that showed a potential link between ingredients in the mushrooms and brain cell growth as well as the slowing of brain (Guangxin Yuan, 2015)Fascinating.

All three of these mushrooms only grow to full size in Asia, which means that I am not getting their full health benefits in my regular, North American diet. But if I make them part of a supplement, I could get those health benefits added to my day.

The Amazing Focus, Mind and Health Benefits

Finally, almost by chance I reviewed a popular supplement that is often sold as a supplement itself: Ginkgo Biloba. I was at awe by what the leaves of the Gingko Biloba plant could offer my body.

The benefits and use of Ginkgo Biloba have been around for thousands of years and have been used to reduce anxiety, create feelings of well-being, help treat depression, fight inflammation and a list of other benefits.

The tree of the Gingko Biloba grows exclusively on the Asian continent and are regulated so that the trees are not over harvested. In other words, like the mushrooms, I’m not getting the regular benefits of Ginkgo Biloba that I would like to have on a daily basis.

Putting it All Together

I wanted the benefits of Cacao, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Gingko Biloba but I did not want to take 5 different supplements, and I don’t want to cook them every day. Because of this it made sense to create a tablet that includes the ingredients from all these plants.

If I was going to create a table for myself it had to be high quality, natural, and of course, very healthy for me. When looking for a tablet manufacturer I made sure I had a manufacturer that water extracts the plants so that no additional unwanted chemicals are added. Water extraction also ensures I maintained as much of the benefits of the original plants as possible while reducing the size to fit into a tablet.

I made sure the manufacturer grew, particularly the mushrooms, to full size (called fruiting body), giving the highest amounts of benefits. After the plants are extracted, the ingredients are fully dried and mixed. The powders of the cocoa, mushrooms, and gingko biloba are mixed at the correct proportions to give the best results and pressed together with a vegetable-based silica and stearate to hold its form.

These tablets were exactly what I wanted: focus, energy, and a load of other benefits in a single tablet.

Getting it to You

I made this tablet for me, which meant it must meet high standards if I’m willing to put it into my body daily. I love how the benefits of this tablet and how it makes me feel every day. I’m getting all the health benefits I wanted without the side effects. As I talked about it with others, I found that they too wanted so many of the same things—to get away from harsh synthetics, drinks, sugars, and other hurtful ingredients. And that’s how Better Mind was created.

Better Mind is a high quality, incredibly healthy, alternative to the harsh, painful, tired inducing, brain fog increasing ingredients that are so easily available. Because of its high quality and benefits I know I could probably charge much more for the supplement, but I wanted to help as many people as I could.

Interested? Give it a try. We’ll ship it quickly. Don’t like all the daily benefits? Ship it back and we’ll return your money.

Easy. A supplement that supports focus, increases energy and loads you with a crazy number of benefits.


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