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Thank You!
For Your Purchase

Thank you for purchasing Better Mind a 'Brain Supplement for Memory and Focus'

Below are your 3 gifts to help you find more focus, drive and energy in your day.

Gift 1:


-Time Anxiety- can decrease focus, dive, energy and short term memory while increasing anxiety.
Using a time management calculator can help you understand where your time goes so that you can manage your time more effectively increasing focus, drive, energy and memory throughout your days.

Use this calculator to help you determine where your time goes and plan your goals (bonus 2).

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Excel or PDF

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Gift 2:


"You don't get results by focusing on results.  You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results."
     - Mike Hawkins

Daily use of goals sheets produce some of the most outstanding focus, drive and energy.

Print and use this goal sheet to help focus on your goals and your "one thing" throughout the day.

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Excel or PDF

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Gift 3:


Enjoy 30 minutes of soothing meditation music to help you get in a executive power nap.

Power naps, even if you do not fully fall asleep, lower Adinosine, a chemical in your body that lets you know you are tired and decreases focus and energy. 
Power naps taken shortly after taking supplements such as Astir's Better Mind help increase energy while an executive power nap decreases Adinosine.

Executive power naps are commonly used with executives in their offices to get better focus and energy for a more productive day and can be used by anyone.
     1) During a break, usually around 1:00-3:00pm find a quiet comfortable place such as your car, cubicle or lunch room.
     2) Take Astir's Better Mind a few minutes before your planned executive power nap.
     3) Use the audio provided here or your favorite meditation music if you'd like.
     4) Set an alarm.
     5) Calm your mind and body and rest for 15-20 minutes.  Do not go much longer or you may become groggy.

Try it.  It will work wonders on your focus, energy, drive and productivity through the day.

30 Minute Compressed Music File

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