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Pure Power from Nature: Our Mission

The Power of Plants, Within Your Reach

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Did you know?

After 1.5 years of research, we found some facts and problems that we want to solve

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Your need for energy and brain support through your stages of life increases with age.

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Nature is the best ingredient to make Better Supplements.

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Around age 30 your energy, brain size, and focus begin decreasing up to 20%. 

Better Mind can help.  Better Mind helps you keep your energy and focus up at work, home and play while decreasing brain fog and anxiety.  And of course using  only natural ingredients.


Extended Energy

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Enhanced Focus

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Reduced Anxiety

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Reduced Brain Fog

Benefits of daily use

Even though we focus on extended energy and enhanced focus the "Better Mind" also supports other amazing advantages

Alleviate Fatigue


Boost Immune System

Enhanced Memory

Feelings of Wellbeing

Healthy Digestion

Help Cope with Stress

Improve Blood Flow to Brain and Heart

Improve Cognitive Function

Increased Insulin Sensitivity

Liver Support

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Oxidative Stress

Relieve Anxiety

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Chocolate Bean

100% Natural Energy
Increase Endurance
Improve Mood


Lion's Mane

Healthy mushroom

Boost Brain Support / Function
Anxiety Support
Enhance Immune


Ginkgo Biloba

Aisan Tree - Leaf

Memory & Concentration
Anxiety and Stress Support
Improve Blood Flow

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Your need for energy and brain support through your stages of life increases with age.



Healthy mushroom

Energy Boost
Stress Management



Healthy mushroom

Feelings of Calm
Enhance Cognitive Function
Heart Health

Natural Super Foods
Packed Into Each Tablet

In addition to clinically proven immune support, we've included a carefully selected list of natural super food substances which support:

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What people are saying?

Check out some honest reviews from our beloved customers.
You Won't Regret!

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Natural Ingredients
What People are Saying

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you do not feel additional health benefits, energy, focus, drive, feelings of well being or are simply not satisfied, within 30 days, simply return your unfinished bottle for a full refund.

Enjoy our product guaranteed.

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Choose the one that suits you.

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One Bottle

30 Servings


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Two Bottles

60 Servings




Ready to take action?

This is our founder's explanation

After 1.5 years searching and trying other's products I found many sell cheap products with little benefits and grain fillers.
For my body I wanted high quality products with just benefits for energy and focus.  I made Better Mind to do just that.

High Quality product.  Fully Transparent Label and Bottle.

Nathan Street
Founder of Astir Nutrition

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Take Action!
You Won't Regret!

Risk Free for 30 Days.

If you are not 100% satisfied, Return it for a full refund

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